Automatic Lighting & Heating

Control lighting and heating system based on time, occupancy, door bell, vehicle detection, alarm system, and smoke detectors. You may also control them manually as you would a standard switch. One-touch all-lights-off is not only convenient, it also saves money by turning off the lights you forgot with a single command. With a touch of a button, all-lights-on can help with security and convenience allowing you to quickly move through your home. This can also include all outside lights.

Home Theater & Audio Systems

Home theater and audio systems that everyone can use - not just the kids. As you enter the Home Theater room, activating the lights will also power up all of the components necessary for watching TV. It can also be programmed to always go to your favorite TV station during power-up. One-touch audio systems allow the entire home to come alive with music or allow individual control for each room. However, you may want to limit the kid's music to only play in their rooms or not at all.

Networks and Wireless

Today's integrated home relies heavily on the internal network for sharing printers, internet connections and linking computers. This network can be hard-wired or wireless. Even in new construction, wireless has great advantages in its flexibility. This network can also become a major part of the automated home. Contact HomePlicity for further information on additional features your internal network can provide.

Telephone Systems

Business type phone systems have found their way into the home by providing not only basic phone services, but also acting as the whole-house intercom. It can be used to monitor the baby's room or take advantage of the fax line when someone else is on the main line.

Antenna Reception

Local cable, TV reception and cable distribution often falls short with typical coax and splitters.  Signal loss in most homes is often overlooked which causes poor picture quality or the loss of a station you never knew was there.  We start at the antenna and use active amplifiers so signal loss is kept to a minimum.  Balancing signals is critical so that weak signals get boosted while strong signals don't. 

Cellular Repeaters

Many times our cellular phones work great until we walk through our front door. Or we don't get service throughout the home.  You may have an office in the basement or one without windows that gets little or no signal making your cell phone useless.  A cellular repeater transfers the signal from a high-gain outside antenna to an inside antenna while boosting the signal. Now you can take advantage of all those free long distance and weekend minutes most cellular providers offer.  Even in remote locations where you have never had cellular coverage, the right antenna and amplifier can often get you coverage. Contact HomePlicity for further information on antenna types and range.

Enhanced Security

There are many good security systems and monitoring companies available. However, when an alarm condition occurs (fire or burglary), the next few seconds are critical.  If you have a fire, not only do you want the alarm to sound but you also want your lights on to help aid you in getting to safety.  And in the event of a burglary while you're at home, you want every light in the house to come on including all outside flood lights. Additional outside sirens are an excellent way to get the attention of neighbors to help protect your family's security.  This type of alarm enhancement (Bright & Loud) is your first line of defense and often sends the bad guy running. Now that we have all the lights on, we can then activate the video monitoring system. This all happens within seconds of a security alarm. 

Remote Monitoring

While on vacation, you can call into your home and monitor temperature, listen for unusual activity or get live video through the internet.  Call-in phone systems also allow you to control lights and heating.  If you're heading up to that cabin, you can call ahead and turn up the heat before you get there.  Remote monitoring can allow you to be called if the temperature gets too low, too high or if a water leak is detected.

Vehicle Detection Systems

Never be surprised by the delivery truck again.  Vehicle alert systems detect when a vehicle (metal object) has entered your driveway.  This can be an integral part of the home automation system and adds to the security of the home.  When a vehicle is detected, chimes will be heard in the house. If you are leaving the house it will detect when you have pulled out and then shut down lights. If it's night time, lights will come on both outside and inside ~ never come home to a dark house again.  If a vehicle is detected late at night and the alarm is set, all of the lights will come on (if desired) along with the chimes.  This allows you time to see who is there before they have reached your door. Personal security is all about information in real time.

Smart Climate Control

Controlling your heating requirements throughout the day will save money and provide you with optimum comfort.  Vacation mode will turn the heat down and keep it down until you activate the system on-site or remotely.

Water Leak Monitoring

Water detectors placed near potential leaks such as the dishwasher, ice maker, laundry machine, and water heater will send a signal to the main controller when a water leak is detected. This will cause the main water valve to automatically shut water off to the entire house.  Not only will this pay for itself the first time it is activated, some insurance companies offer reduced rates for this kind of protection.